How to Elevate Yourself from Ordinary to Indispensable

Your organization strives to hire the best talent. Perhaps they’ve achieved that goal, filling the ranks with top performers who achieve their annual goals, follow procedures, actively participate in meetings, and make themselves readily accessible. These are commendable qualities for sure. The thing is your best employees aren’t necessarily indispensable. A value to your organization? Most certainly, yes. But indispensable? Probably not.

There are distinct differences between top performers and those who are truly indispensable. Just like business owners, indispensable employees take ownership. They’re driven to act and behave differently. They’re well-planned, solution-oriented, and proactive. They know they’re replaceable, and most importantly, they want to be replaceable—because that’s how they climb the corporate ladder faster than everyone else.

Elevate the status of your staff from great (or even ordinary) to indispensable with the help of How to Make Yourself Indispensable. We packed it with all the tools and action steps your audience needs to learn how to go beyond the call of duty, challenge the status quo, and perform well under pressure. This new half-day custom training program is part of the Reproducible Training Library, a collection of 75  titles you can download, tailor to your needs, and use again and again.

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