Supervisory skills to help you rise through the ranks

In military speak, “noncoms” are those non-commissioned leaders who rise through the ranks. They pay their dues while slogging through the mire and the muck, taking orders from those who they may or may not believe deserve their attention and respect. However, their personal sets of skills and abilities enable noncoms to achieve more than the average “grunt.” They become leaders–deservedly so. They will go on to be the “supervisors” in the field to whom their troops may or may not give their respect and attention.

In a business setting, employees often experience similar professional development trajectories. Their exemplary work ensures them a supervisory role. However, an invitation to don that hat does not necessarily mean that s/he possess the supervisory skills and propensities needed to lead their co-workers towards achievement and success. Fortunately, HRDQ offers several comprehensive leadership style assessments and skill-building devices that will enable a company to provide the best, most effective supervisory skills training possible. We provide opportunities for those in leadership roles to reflect upon and assess their own skills and abilities, while learning strategies that will facilitate the confident execution of their managerial undertakings. You will become the successful, trustworthy “noncoms” that will help get the job done.

Our supervisors and managers work on the frontlines of industry and commerce, and their capacity to inspire and coordinate their charges’ ability to be productive, efficient employees is vital to any company’s overall success.

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