Communication Styles

We are social creatures. We often enjoy listening to each other’s musings and rants almost as much as we enjoy listening to ourselves deliver similar pontifications. How often have you, as you absently nodded and grunted acquiescence, been simply thinking of what you needed to say next? Well, in a business setting, such (dare I say egocentric?) communication practices will not lead to the furthering of any ventures or tasks. Rather, they will impede any possible hopes for productivity and success.

However, as individuals, and despite our occasional forays into borderline narcissistic communication tendencies, we all bring our unique strengths and personalities into a team dynamic. We just need to be able to effectively and productively communicate with each other.

HRDQ categorizes our unique communication styles as direct, spirited, considerate, and systematic. The varied styles that we embody are all a combination of two dimensions: assertiveness and expressiveness, and how one utilizes those strengths within a team setting will often determine the efficacy of a dedicated team of employees. The communication assessment here will enable individuals not only to recognize their own strengths and abilities, but also learn how to communicate with those whose skills and tendencies vary from their own.

We all have brilliant, moving observations to share. However, knowing how best to share these thoughts – and hear and process those of our peers – will lead to success and productivity.

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