Effective Coaching Skills

Does your company train coaching skills for managers? Do they realize an effective coach rounds up individuals and provides them with the tools and resources necessary to harness what pre-existing skills and talents each individual possesses in order to work collaboratively on reaching a mutually-accepted outcome? Do they know if this is done with intelligent enthusiasm and vision, all parties involved will reap professional – and personal – benefits?

Some coaches will covet a capacity to grandiosely lord over others. Some coaches will make errors and do everything possible to cover up the transgressions, only to move forward making the same mistakes. Some are then willing to sweep those mishaps under the proverbial rug in order to preclude anyone from assigning them blame. And some coaches will mindlessly plod through tasks without any self-reflection or thought of the final objective.

When a good coach eyes up a group of motivated, interested, and high-functioning individuals who she hopes will not only perform, but also excel, that coach must immediately go to work creating a communicative dynamic of trust, confidence, and vision. It has to be all hands on deck. Everyone must be willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work, and this atmosphere of dedication must come from the coach first. Objectives must be delineated. Timelines and benchmarks must be illustrated. Methods and procedures must be agreed upon, practiced, and executed. And all of this must be enveloped with a pronounced sense of enthusiasm, optimism, and pride.

A successful coach must always be willing to both strategically prepare his/her team members to excel as well as to understand the significance of growing alongside the ever-developing field of play.

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