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Untitled-1Managers as Mentors
Building Relationships for Learning
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
2-3pm ET

Much has changed about mentoring in the modern organization. Nowadays leaders at every level—from the bottom to the top—have the responsibility to perform as learning catalysts and trusted advisors. But how can managers effectively carry out insight goals from in-charge roles? According to bestselling author and relationship expert Dr. Chip Bell, the key to success is to build a partnership in learning.

Grab a cup coffee and dial into Managers as Mentors: Building Relationships for Learning. Inspired by the book Dr. Bell co-authored with Marshall Goldsmith, you’ll discover new perspectives, practical tips, and proven strategies for developing relationships based on safety and trust. Don’t miss this valuable webinar—after all, an organization’s ability to learn faster than its competition is its only sustainable advantage.

What You Will Learn
  • What is mentoring…really?
  • What are the reasons mentoring is critical?
  • What is the goal or aim of mentoring?
  • What are the steps (stages) in reaching this goal?
  • How do you mentor? What are the techniques to take those steps?
Who Should Attend
  • Human resources managers
  • Organization development professionals
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • Protégés
About the Presenter

Chip R. Bell

headshot-cbell_100The founder of The Chip Bell Group, Dr. Chip Bell is a well-known consultant and a sought-after speaker. He is the author and co-author of several best-selling books, including The 9 ½ Principles of Innovative Service, Take Their Breath Away, Magnetic Service, Service Magic, Customers as Partners, Managers as Mentors, and Managing Knock Your Socks off Service. Dr. Bell’s articles have appeared in professional journals such as Leadership Excellence, Leader to Leader Magazine, T+D Magazine, Training Magazine, and the Harvard Management Update. He has appeared on several major networks, and his work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and Businessweek. Dr. Bell holds graduate degrees in organizational psychology and human resource development from Vanderbilt University and The George Washington University.


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