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shutterstock_124871071Supervisors are a vital cog in the wheel of organizational success. So start the wheels turning with the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire, the training solution that gets supervisors quickly up to speed and ready for performance. It’s the tool thousands of trainers have relied upon for supervisory skills training and now the fourth edition has just arrived with a fresh design and numerous enhancements.

From the fully revised, full-color facilitator guide and participant workbook to the half-day workshop,  new online assessments and 180° peer feedback, skill-development activities, and more, the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire offers a range of training options that are guaranteed to spark immediate improvement.

What makes the learning click?

Supervisors are responsible for the daily grind of getting work done through others and they are the front-line leaders who influence service and quality. But taking on this role can be difficult, and oftentimes supervisors are charged with managing performance in an environment they don’t control—and this can leave them feeling stuck. Rather than a general focus on supervisory-related topics such as communication, leadership, and motivation, the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire targets five specific, relevant areas that shape a supervisor’s daily work life. When supervisors are able to master these skills, they’re well-equipped to balance the goals of the organization with the demands of their employees.

Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the core roles and responsibilities of a supervisor
    • Measure performance in five key supervisory skills
    • Discover skill strengths and identify areas in need of improvement
    • Develop an action-oriented plan to improve competence and impact

The Supervisory Skills Questionnaire is an excellent starting point for newly-minted supervisors and an excellent refresher for seasoned veterans. The result? Supervisors who are ready to tackle everyday challenges such as dealing with unexpected problems, handling performance issues, delegating, and providing direction.

The new fourth edition offers many exciting features:SSQ collage-300 no usb - w red burst

  • Fully revised, full-color facilitator guide
  • Step-by-step half-day workshop
  • Paper and online assessment options
  • New self-study version
  • New online option for 180° peer feedback
  • Comprehensive participant workbook
  • Contemporary Supervisory Skills Model
  • New skill-development module
  • Updated references and statistical analysis
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint° presentation
  • Reusable Poster
  • HRDQue Card

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