Remembering the Father of Training Evaluation

don kirkpatricIf you’re a trainer, chances are you’re familiar with Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation. Created in the 1950s, it became—and remains to this day—an industry standard for measuring the impact of training programs.

Its creator and champion, Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick, passed away May 9th at the age of 90. But the man whose work revolutionized the world of measurement will not be soon forgotten.

Dr. Kirkpatrick authored numerous books on training evaluation and human resource management, including Evaluating Training Programs and The Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit. In addition to being an award-winning author and sought-after speaker, he was the past president of the American Society for Training and Development (now ATD) and a United States Army veteran of World War II. He was a professor and a music lover. A father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

The HRDQ family offers its sincerest condolences to Dr. Kirkpatrick’s family and loved ones. He will be deeply missed by many.

Online donations in honor of Dr. Kirkpatrick can be made to the Madison Symphony. A concert will be performed in 2015 to celebrate the love of music he shared with his late wife, Fern.

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