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Do you know how to build rapport with candidates you’re interviewing? Do you know the right questions to ask? If you’re asking candidates hypothetical questions, you’ll get hypothetical answers. Whether you’ve performed 100 interviews or you are new to the interviewing world, using behavioral interviewing techniques will give you the knowledge and tools to improve your interviewing skills, which will lead to better hires, and a better, more competitive edge for your organization.interviewing1

Behavioral interviewing focuses on actual experiences and situations candidates have experienced, and how they responded. It seeks situational answers given in three parts:

  1. The problem they experienced
  2. The action they took
  3. The result attained

Behavioral-based information is concrete.  Rather than containing labels such as reliable, assertive or creative, behavioral based information contains specific information about a real work situation.

Behavioral-based information paints a clear picture.  Rather than providing a vague overview like, “participated in the development of a new process,” behavioral-based information explains the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a situation.

Behavioral based information can be documented.  Because specific details such as names, dates, times, locations, and numbers are provided, behavioral-based information can be verified.

Ready to improve your interviewing skills? Check out the free preview of Behavioral Interviews, a classroom training program from the Reproducible Training Library. Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

  • Identify key competencies associated with the position
  • Write behavioral-based questions
  • Conduct an interview effectively
  • Avoid legal pitfalls
  • Evaluate candidates’ responses objectively
  • Start new employees off on the right foot

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