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In just a few clicks, you’ll have your own tailored-to-your-company training program.

Most of the training products available today are off-the-shelf products. Purchase them, open them up, and use what someone else created, with another company’s logo on it, and their idea of what the ideal training session looks like. Those can be great training materials. We sell plenty of those, in fact. But what if you want to make some changes? Tiny tweaks? Major edits? Include your own company-relevant information?

Now you can!  With the Reproducible Training Library (RTL), and a few clicks of the mouse, you will receive training that is yours to brand, change, edit or embellish.  It’s no longer the RTL – it’s YOURS. Then you can:

  •  Customize training quickly and easily – with MS Word and PowerPoint files you can adapt to any audience or purpose.  
  • Combine several courses or simply add your logo.
  • Add-on to professional, research-based training to make your trainees smarter and make your organization look good.  
  • Enjoy comprehensive content by instructional design experts without the drawbacks of partial outlines and personal opinions.  Each course is grounded in research and developed by instructional design experts. 

The RTL delivers you true customizable solutions. 

Find the soft skills training topics you need in the formats that work for you. Get one-click access to all of today’s in-demand topics, continually updated to give you an edge.

Get started by trying a free preview of any title. Click here.

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