Listening is a Positive Act

 You have to put yourself out to do it.

~David Hockney

In our work-lives, most of our decisions and actions are based on information that we receive form others.  So, when we work together, we need to make sure that we’re all equipped with accurate and complete information.

Learning to ListenEach of us shares responsibility for the transmission and reception of information, and being a good listener is a fundamental part of that responsibility.  We don’t always get to choose the medium through which we communicate a message, and it’s even rarer that we are able to choose how we receive one.

We need to be able to effectively gather information, however it comes to us.  We need to remove barriers to effective listening.

Listening is both a mental process and a physical activity, which means there are both physical and mental behaviors that contribute to successful communication in any medium, and that there are physical and mental barriers that can arise between us.  The first step toward effective listening is developing an awareness of what these barriers are and how we tend to respond to them.

Learning to ListenLearning to Listen is a listening-skills test. One of HRDQ’s best-selling employee training programs that develops awareness through self-assessment.  Based on a three-part Listening Model, Learning to Listen measures how effectively we stay focused, capture messages, and help those communicating with us.

By identifying barriers and effective behaviors, and acknowledging our tendency to utilize them (or not), we build listening into our ideas of success and high performance.   We understand that the reception and retention of information is our responsibility, and that we all have the ability to listen better.

Effective listening is fundamental to teamwork and achievement.  Let’s become better listeners today!

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