Green will do fine. It’s beautiful! And it’s what we want to be.

Soft-skills training is, in large part, about fostering good citizenship – in our teams, our organizations, and our communities.

HRDQ e-Learning

At HRDQ, we believe that good citizenship extends beyond the workplace and even beyond the community.  We must also be good global citizens.  In 2014, we will continue our efforts (and take new steps) to minimize our impact on the environment.  Along with a critical eye focused on our daily habits, our business strategy is focused on the future – e-Learning and digital products.

Over the past year, we published 5 new online assessments and 13 new digitally-formatted training programs.  Delivering top-quality content, these resources reduce the need for paper, ink, and electricity.  Our plans for 2014 include the development of many more electronic resources, along with the use of energy-efficient lighting and appliances, recycling and use of recycled materials, reduction of petroleum-based product use, electronic filing, and a continued partnership with CarbonFund to offset our carbon production.

Carbon Fund

It’s a beautiful day in King of Prussia, and we’re happy to be here – at a time when digital media and e-Learning make possible the preservation of our beautiful world.

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