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Happy New Year, Everybody!  Have you made your resolution yet?  Neither have I.  Let’s do it together – and make it count.

The HRDQ Style Model is an accurate and accessible model of Personality Style, based on an individual’s levels of assertiveness and expressiveness.  It defines four styles (Direct, Spirited, Systematic, and Considerate), that describe sets of natural behavioral tendencies.

HRDQ Style Model

Because these styles reflect all aspects of our behavior, they represent both effective and ineffective choices.  Once we’ve developed an appropriate awareness of our own behaviors, we can resolve to choose more effective actions.  We can start by finding out which personality style we exhibit.  The HRDQ Style Series offers 8 personality assessments that target different aspects of work-life.  Then, by examining some potential problem areas, we can be more conscious of our weak areas, and be vigilant and attentive to those around us.

Here are some suggested resolutions for each personality style:

Start 2014 In Style


Resolve to be a better friend.  Increase your emotional intelligence and listening skills to build strong, lasting relationships and let others know that you value them.  When the people around you feel heard, they’re more likely to listen to you.


Resolve to get organized.  Use time management and realistic goal setting to make sure you’re a productive and engaged member of the team.  Focus your exuberance and show your team mates that you’re interested in meeting team goals.


Resolve to let people in.  More self-disclosure builds trust and opens you up to new possibilities and new relationships. Taking chances on people and ideas can benefit your entire team, and help you learn and develop new skills.


Resolve to be more assertive.  Express your opinions to others so that you feel you’ve done your part and are not resentful of team decision-making.  Learn how to acknowledge and move past your emotions so that there’s no lingering ickyness in your every day.

Start your year off right with soft-skills training from the HRDQ Style Series – let personality style guide you towards more productive relationships, a happier work life, and more effective choices.

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