Women and Leadership

The high percentage of women in the workforce, and ever-increasing presence of women in leadership roles, makes gender issues in the workplace no less real. Women face many obstacles on the path to a successful career. It’s important to note, though, that in addition to actual cultural issues in an organization, some obstacles come from women’s own perceptions of themselves and their place in an organization.

Both types of obstacles can be overcome with soft-skills development, but differentiating between external and internal obstacles is a very fundamental step towards self-awareness and growth. Once this awareness is established, women can begin looking within to build self-confidence, assertiveness, and resilience – so that they can begin effectively building and maintaining productive relationships with others.

Women and Leadership

The narrative of gender in the workplace needs to be deconstructed. You are not “a woman,” you’re YOU. And you should strive to be the best you can be – both in individual performance, and in your interpersonal relationships. By presenting your best self to others, you contribute to the dissolution of gender-based stereotypes and discrimination.

You can learn and develop effective behaviors that don’t change who you are or what values you hold, and that don’t make you “act like a man.” It’s not about compromise, but self-awareness, cultural awareness, and education for everyone.

When faced with circumstances in which gender bias presents a challenge, the best solution is a solid set of soft skills. Building individual relationships that are healthy, effective, and efficient is the start to a strong organizational culture that cares for and embraces all of its members.

Women and LeadershipWomen and Leadership, a new title in the Reproducible Training Library, is an instructor-led soft-skills training program that explores all the challenges women face as they emerge as leaders, and prepares them to select effective behaviors that contribute meaningfully to the success of their organization and to their career.

As part of the Reproducible Training Library, Women and Leadership is fully customizable, and can be used to train as many participants in as many sessions as needed.  Your affordable, effective, and personalized soft-skills training solution, the Reproducible Training Library will make your employees, your teams, and your organization more efficient, more healthy, and more prepared than they’ve ever been to succeed.

Help your leaders woman more effectively. I mean…Try Women and Leadership today!

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