Quantify the Impact of Your Training

The global market is a buyer’s market.  The immediate availability of products and services makes efficiency a high priority.  Wise, timely, and measurable efforts maintain a business’s cutting edge and allow for growth.  So, where should resources be invested?

There are many processes, programs, and policies that are undeniably necessary in businesses, though they have no material end.  Attributing profit to these practices is more complicated than determining the value of the creation or sale of a product or service.  But, it can be done.


The hardest part is effectively communicating the measured benefits of these practices.  They already exist, but they need to be quantified and recorded as deliverables for all stakeholders to understand.  The most effective way of producing these deliverables is through built-in quality measures that are followed through with the ROI Methodology.

ROI isn’t just measured, it’s created.  Training that generates results comes from planning that’s focused on results.

By basing training and human-resource development activities on measurable objectives, and building in milestones and standards, you’re deciding that not only is a return in value possible, it’s measurable and expected.

Once you begin framing your human resources development activities as investments with projected outcomes, it becomes easier to communicate their value and return – to legitimize and solidify their place as business investments.

So, we’ve covered all that in six short paragraphs, but it’s no small task to build the ROI Methodology into your human-resource development plans.

Don’t worry, though!

The Bottomline on ROIThe Bottomline on ROI Workshop is designed to make the ROI Methodology accessible and the delivery of ROI reporting possible for every human resource professional.

Developed by Jack and Patti Phillips, The Bottomline on ROI is a suite of soft-skills training materials that takes you through the ROI Methodology, step by step, in a process rich with examples, case studies, and elegant solutions for delivering results in your organization.

Bring quality measures and a positive outlook to your organization’s soft-skills development efforts by investing in The Bottomline on ROI Workshop today!

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