Customize the Best – for Less!

HRDQ has been developing self-assessments for over 30 years – we know that everyone is different, every team is different, and every team has different training needs.  The Reproducible Training Library is the best way to deliver custom training to your team.

Why Customizable?

Seamless Presentation

Use exactly what you want in one package. Customization allows you to build the exact program you need, while keeping everything in one format – a complete and tangible takeaway for your participants (no Frankenstein training).

Reproducible Training LIbrary


When you use your own branding (visuals and language) and examples, it makes your training more relatable to your participants, and allows you to control the tone and impression of your training – making it “feel” like your company to get the results your company needs.

You Know Your Team

The Reproducible Training Library‘s content is developed by subject-matter experts. But, no one knows your organization better than you. Let your voice come through as a representative of your organizational culture and goals. Your team will respond to the values it’s been working towards when they can see them in action.

Save Big on Customizable Training

IT’S ON SALE!  Now through September 30th, Single Titles from the Reproducible Training Library are only $123 – that’s over 75% off!

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