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In order to stay competitive in its marketplace, an organization must change over time.  Growth is change.  Adaptation is change.  Improvement is change.  Change is good.

Change is also disruptive – it requires action and effort and commitment – which, in turn, require perceived value.  People need a reason to take action.  “Because I said so,” is an option – undeniably – but it won’t provide the best result.

Leading change is communicating, demonstrating, and helping others to find the value of change.  And everyone can do it.

When new organizational goals are established, individuals need to realign themselves to meet those goals.  Taking the initiative to do so – to modify their behavior in response to the change – makes them a leader.

Change Leadership

It may seem that this is only an individual adjustment, but there’s more going on.  By incorporating organizational change into individual behavior, employees are demonstrating to others that change is possible, desirable, and an effect part of their work life – they’re making the change real, and assigning value to it.

They are accepting accountability for actions relating to the change, and starting a learning cycle for themselves, and those around them, to measure and improve necessary skills and processes according to a new set of standards.  These measures and developments are fundamental to effective organizational change.  And the leaders that embrace them – that see value in, and bring value to change –  are the key to implementation and progress.

Leading Change at Every LevelLeading Change at Every Level (LCEL) is a soft-skills training program and employee skills assessment that will foster the qualities that distinguish a leader of change.  By setting out a model for effective change leadership, LCEL provides change-management training to employees at any level of any organization.

Though every change is different, and means different things for every individual, LCEL makes it clear that the soft skills needed for effective organizational change management are universal – and can be developed in everyone

Develop your leaders of change, and watch your organization grow, with Leading Change at Every Level.

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