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A post from HRDQ President, Brad Glaser

A post from HRDQ President, Brad Glaser

I can picture it as though it was yesterday. The early ‘80s – the age when cell phones were the size of a small briefcase and Cheers was the hit show. The training and consulting business my parents Rollin and Christine Glaser had launched in 1977 was operating in full swing from their home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Organization Design & Development (OD&D at the time) was the name of their venture, and they specialized in facilitating on-site soft-skills management development programs.

Our home was buzzing with business. The bathtub in the spare bedroom served as our warehouse. My sister and I – the resident fulfillment team – spent countless hours around the pool table collating and assembling participant materials. Click, click, clickety-click went the sound of three-ring binders.


Fast forward more than 30 years and OD&D is now HRDQ.  We’ve long since relocated the family business to an office space (without a bathtub or pool table) and we’ve transitioned to a second generation of leadership. Our product line is far more extensive and the perennial pencil-and-paper favorites such as the Personal Style Inventory and the Negotiating Style Profile are now available online. The client base that was once heavily weighted with retailers has exploded into a global market of major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and established consulting firms.

But despite HRDQ’s evolution, some things remain the same. We continue to be committed to producing the best training solutions possible, delivering the highest quality customer service, and our dedication to an experiential learning platform is unwavering. And that’s why thousands of trainers around the world still rely upon HRDQ: our training solutions produce the results that lead to maximizing the potential of human capital.

We couldn’t let our 36th anniversary pass without celebration. So in appreciation of the support you’ve offered us across three-plus decades, we’re extending to you not one, but two special offers! For a limited time, you can choose free FedEx® ground shipping or take 15% off your entire order. Cheers to you!

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From all of us here at HRDQ, thank you for putting your trust in us.

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