“Nothing Will Work Unless You Do.”

Maya Angelou

We’ll be celebrating Labor Day this weekend – a time that reminds us how important we all are to one another.  Unless you’re out in the wild, growing your own food, building your own shelter, and keeping your mind occupied and spirit fulfilled with the endless wonders of the universe (but, come on – who’s really doing that?), you depend on other people to live the life you’re living.

Labor Day

No matter how far from the front line you are, the people that work for and with you have an effect on you.  And you have an effect on them.  While, of course, there are ups and downs to in every organization and every relationship, it’s important to remember – and to care for – this fundamental ecosystem that is so influential to so many people.  An organizational culture that includes soft-skills training will create better interpersonal relationships and produce better results.

Accentuating the positive aspects of corporate training over the punitive is very important.  Training is supposed to develop existing and potential goodness in valuable employees, and there are many ways to encourage employee skills assessment and performance management while remaining uplifting and showing your appreciation, support, and encouragement:

Get to know your employees with Just My Type.

Just My TypePersonality Style shapes everything – our experiences and choices, and how we are perceived by others.  Taking time to understand and work with the personalities of your co-workers will improve every aspect of your work life.

Just My Type is an eye-opening and fun personality style card game that explores the characteristics and effects of personality style.  It will leave participants eager to apply new knowledge and self-awareness to more effective interactions.

Empower your employees with the Rainforest Game.

Rainforest GameAcknowledging the potential for process innovation and resourcefulness – allowing it and appreciating it – will not only empower your employees and boost their confidence, but produce better results for your organization

The Rainforest Game demonstrates the constructive power of breaking down walls to open up communication and opportunity.

Reconnect to your employees with the Engage Card System.

Engage Card SystemEmployees that feel satisfied and purposeful – that are willing to always offer their best and continue to improve – are those that feel connected to their leaders.  Employee engagement requires attention and maintenance – and it’s a great investment.

The Engage Card System not only guides discussions about employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance – it provides opportunities for self-assessment and relationship-building for everyone involved.

OR, try out one of our many other soft-skills training programs at the HRDQ Store today!

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