Fundamentals of Strategic Planning

Is your organization moving in the right direction?  Are you sure?  Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees – and things may not be functioning well on a larger scale than is examined on an everyday basis.  We often talk about alignment and setting metrics for achievement and success, but how are these metrics established?  Does your organization have a strategic plan? The benefits of strategic planning are countless.

Strategic Planning

One reason a strategic plan is so important is that it establishes your organization’s measures for success.  In order to set milestones and measure progress, you need to have a destination.  Don’t underestimate the need for measurable progress and an image of a better future.  It gives people a reason for doing what they do, and helps them evaluate and modify their behaviors effectively.

It gives employees a reason to “get on board” – a reason to be a part of your organization.  With a strategic plan in place, everyone needs to agree that there is value in what they’re working toward, and figure out how they can participate in moving in the right direction.

A strategic plan can help reduce waste of time resources.  The plan defines and reminds people of what is and isn’t necessary to achieve organizational goals by placing individual tasks in a company-wide perspective.  In planning, your organization can take stock of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to most efficiently allocate resources and approach problem solving.

And all these things – where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and who’s coming with you – differentiate your brand.  They make a space for your organization in the marketplace, and develop an audience to support it.

Fundamentals of Strategic PlanningAll of this seems so big, and so important – and it is – but any organization can develop a great strategic plan.  There are specific steps and processes that will set your organization on the right path – you just have to see them through.  Fundamentals of Strategic Planning – a full-day soft-skills training workshop from the Reproducible Training Library – will guide any organization through the process of developing and implementing a strategic plan.

Complete with research-based content, experiential learning activities, and full facilitator support, Fundamentals of Strategic Planning comes to you in easy-to-use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint format.  You can train as many or as few participants as needed, and fully customize your training to suit your needs.

Make sure your organization has a plan. Get started today by getting a free preview of this (and any other) title form the Reproducible Training Library today!

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