Coaching for a Better Future

Coaching is more than a means of correcting problematic behavior.  It’s more than something a manager has to do in times of conflict.  Coaching is how relationships form between managers and employees.  It’s an opportunity.


Building a relationship of mutual trust between manager and employee benefits everyone – employee, manager, team, and organization.  And while coaching is an ongoing process, the skills involved in conducting a coaching meeting can be extended to the overall employee/manager relationship.

The Coaching Skills Inventory is a self-assessment and soft-skills training program that sets out a seven-step model for coaching meetings , and measures participants’ competency in each step.  By taking a close look at how they handle performance issues in a controlled environment, coaches can see the necessity for clarity, communication, and forming a clear plan of action with (not for) the employee during that meeting – making best use of the face-to-face time they have to address problems and conflicts.

Coaching Skills Inventory

The result of a coaching meeting should be a message, sent and received, about behavior.  Both employee and manager need to be aware of and committed to specific actions that will align behavior with organizational goals and values.  By upholding these values, and guiding work toward these objectives (by coaching their employees), managers are building a better future for their organization.

Healthy employee-manager relationships can be an invaluable part of your organization’s culture.  Build them with great coaching – let the Coaching Skills Inventory be your guide!

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