The Jungle of Teamwork

Navigating the ins and outs of teamwork can be as difficult as trekking through the jungle.  In the jungle we can try to push through the dense vegetation with no tools – just like we can push teams to work together – but without the right tools we just get nowhere.

Teamwork is vital to the workplace but we often don’t know how to deal with teams when conflicts arise and productivity drops.  So, where and how do you start addressing these problems with teamwork?  By demonstrating how a well-oiled team acts and thinks.


A well-oiled team recognizes the impact of individual behaviors on group activities and demonstrates a balance between planning and execution.  It clearly understands the project’s purpose and feels enthusiastic about its contribution. Each team member is aware of the dynamics that operate within the team and finds ways to encourage the critical teamwork elements so that the team is empowered to grow, develop and become more productive.

Jungle EscapeDiscover how a well-oiled team works by taking your team on an adventure with Jungle Escape. Teams will discover where they are and create an action plan for improvement. This exciting, bestselling game provides a unique experience for teams to explore their interaction by being flown away from the classroom and into the jungle.

After a crash landing, teams must work together to plan and then build a helicopter to escape the jungle.  Jungle Escape’s hands-on design enables players to practice and discover critical group-process skills such as team planning, problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution. This memorable experience is an excellent way to introduce basic teambuilding, improve productivity, and energize teams.

Start your adventure now!

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