It’s going to be summer time. School’s out forever.

LearningAnd honestly, that’s pretty awesome.  Once we let go of the constructs that frame positive change, we see that it is possible – and happening – everywhere.  Learning is happening everywhere, all the time.

Learning is great – it makes you strong and self-sufficient.  It makes you able to travel through social spaces, figure out what’s right and wrong, and help those in need around you.  To make learning possible and accessible to others is one of the most valuable things you can do for them.

As a trainer, you are always looking for the most efficient ways to deliver that value.  You need:

  • A renewable resource – something that functions as a part of your organization – something that’s always there to support and enrich your organization’s culture.
  • A tool (not a prescription) – something that provides all the content you need, while giving you the freedom to tailor that content to your organization’s brand, values, and goals – something that lets you be the trainer.
  • A catalyst – something that reminds your participants that improvement is always possible – something that develops a critical society within your organization to incite a desire for positive change.

The Reproducible Training Library is all that, and more.  A comprehensive library of customizable soft-skills training resources, the RTL is your source for research-based content that will improve performance in your organization.

The RTL isn’t about seduction or prescription – it’s about proven models for positive change.  Participants will apply effective behaviors to their current work, and experience the benefits of behavioral research as they grow and excel.

The RTL is a collection of 75 programs, addressing all aspects of work like and how best to approach the challenges of organization membership.  Each program is complete and training-ready from the moment you make your one-time, license-free purchase.

Reproducible Training Library

What makes the RTL truly unique is its plasticity.  All programs in the library are delivered to you as native files in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint format.  You’ll be able to apply your organization’s brand to the materials, add your own examples and talking-points, and provide a take-away that’s exactly what you want your participants to hold onto.

Whether you’re training an audience of one or one hundred, the Reproducible Training Library is the most efficient way to make learning happen – because you don’t need school to learn – all you really need is a library.

And if that don’t suit ya, that’s a drag.

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