Renaissance Training

It’s May Day!  A day to celebrate rebirth and embrace new beginnings.  With a parting nod to the difficulties of winter, we can begin sowing the seeds of our next harvest.  And, since we’re not in the farming business (not full time, anyway), we’re thinking about renaissance training.  A new kind of training that moves with you – through any topic, and into the future.

May Day!

The Reproducible Training Library is more than a comprehensive bank of renewable resources.  It’s something that can grow and develop with you and your organization. Making a place for the RTL in your organization is a guarantee of improved performance and life-long learning for every member.

Reproducible Training LibraryAvailable as a set of editable MS Word and PowerPoint files, each title in the library is a full soft-skills training program, developed by subject-matter experts and formatted to allow for customization.  All RTL materials can be reimagined, combined, edited, and implemented to the trainer’s specifications – becoming an extension of the trainer – an aid and an advantage.  Because RTL materials are a one-time purchase that can be printed as needed, the trainer becomes the centerpiece of learning in their organization.

When you’re training for soft skills, it makes a huge difference for your audience to have a human resource to help them learn and grow.  You can make learning a conversation – something that happens within and between people – something that benefits everyone.  The RTL is your foundation for that conversation.  Each of the 75 programs, covering everything from time management and team building to leadership and communication, is a beginning for your organization – starting new, starting better, every time.

Celebrate a new season with better training from the Reproducible Training Library!

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