What’s My Time Style?

Personality Style affects all aspects of our work life – especially time management.  Just as with social situations involving different groups of people, we approach time management differently depending on what we’re doing.

Time ManagementWhen thinking about time management, it’s important to consider not just the nature of the task, but the other people involved.  Team members, managers, and other stakeholders may have very different methods of time management than we do.  And while we cannot control the behaviors of others, and most often can’t choose who we work with, we can make our time-management style align more closely for a more harmonious group effort.

This is especially important when fitting our own tasks into a schedule developed by someone else.  We need to choose an appropriate time-management style for the task at hand, but also make sure that our style is appropriate for the people we are working with.

So, how do we classify time-management style?

We all observe behaviors in ourselves and in others, and can sense when we are compatible (or not).  There’s a simple and effective way to decipher these behaviors and understand why they result in compatible or incompatible relationships.  It’s the HRDQ Style Model.

HRDQ Style Series

Classifying observable behaviors into four distinct personality styles (Direct, Spirited, Systematic, and Considerate), the HRDQ Style Model helps us create a plan for capitalizing on our own natural strengths, and relating to others more effectively.  The HRDQ Style Series is comprised of eight style assessments that deal with specific aspects of work life and provide personal development training.  What’s My Time Style? deals directly with time management.

What's My Time Style?Built on a foundation of behavioral tendencies, arrived at by self-assessment, What’s My Time Style reports an individual’s “style” and provides enough interpretive information and time management training to chart a course toward better performance, better relationships, and smoother sailing all around.

Learning about personality style can improve all aspects of our home and work lives, and help us build the skills and relationships we need to maintain high performance, feel fulfilled in our interactions, and help others succeed with us.

Let the HRDQ Style Series help you!

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