The Right Stuff

Our planet has a specific set of resources.  Independently, they’re just a group of things.  But, under the right conditions, when they interact with one another and begin processes in which they are interdependent, they have the ability to synthesize into a thing that has greater capabilities.  (Liquid water and biogenic elements come together and begin processes facilitated by energy from the sun.  With adequate protection and stability, they become life.)

Life Begins

In the same way, a specific group of people can work together interdependently and communicate with each other to accomplish common goals.  They can be a team.  These conditions, however, do need to be met in order to create a synergistic team:

  • Interdependence

A group is not a team until its members’ actions depend on each other.  Knowing that someone depends on you is a great motivator to regulate and maintain quality, time management, and interpersonal relationships.  Everyone learns from everyone else and applies that new knowledge to their own tasks.  And with acknowledgement of interdependence comes the open communication of needs – of and between individuals and of the team as a whole.

  • Communication/Information Flow

A team requires an accurate and constant flow of information – reinforcing goals, needs, and main points.  This serves, also, to make transitions smooth, prevent individual departures down unexpected paths, and generate a continuous exchange of ideas – turning over new stones and polishing existing ones.  It confirms and reminds of shared assets, shared processes, and shared goals.

  • Common Goals

Communication and Interdependence only make a team if, rather than maintaining the mindset of perfecting their own tasks, individuals are focused on how best to achieve team goals.  Each member needs to understand why everyone is doing what they’re doing, and how they can help to move things forward.  The acceptance of and alignment to common goals will structure and strengthen a group – determining the actions and methods of its members, and uniting them as a team.

Mars Surface Rover

Bring the concept of team-membership to life through experiential learning in a team building game.  Mars Surface Rover will show the members of your organization how to recognize and capitalize on the benefits of being part of a team – highlighting the need for the three conditions above, and writing the formula for success.  Illustrated by a fun and memorable activity, the model presented by Mars Surface Rover incorporates soft skills training beyond team building to communication, time management, problem solving, and more.

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