Where Winners Live: Sell More, Earn More, Achieve More Through Personal Accountability

A guest post from Linda Galindo, consultant, author, speaker and educator 

Where Winners Live

Back in my days as a radio news personality a station consultant charged with improving our ratings told the morning team to produce our shows with “health, heart, and pocketbook” in mind. Health, heart and pocketbook were, according to the consultants, what gets and keeps listeners engaged. Their rationale: If you don’t have your health, not much else matters. Appealing to the “heart” with human interest stories that uplifted and informed would be talked about around the water cooler. And, pocketbook referred to money; one’s wealth and what may or may not be impacting it from bank failures to hot stocks and everything in between.

Fast forward 20 years and it would appear not much has changed except the way in which personal accountability for health, heart and pocket book have shifted. The specific shift my work as an accountability expert and author of The Accountability Experience has identified is this – not being personally accountable for one’s health, well-being and financial situation is rewarded more than being personally accountable for one’s results in these three areas. Time after time business leaders nod in agreement and disgust when I point this out. Leaders wish their work force was more personally accountable for selling more, earning more and achieving more so that all the” babysitting” managers have to do would go away. Managers blame it on the work ethic of the younger generation or government regulation or the pace of change and new technology. What these business people fail to see is the real source of the problem, themselves. Rescue, fixing and saving under-performance because “it is just easier to do it myself” is running rampant in organizations, at the highest levels! Personal accountability at the top is too often mandated not demonstrated. My newest book with co-author Dave Porter, Where Winners Live will show you over and over again that mandating accountability doesn’t work, demonstrating it does.

You would think in sales organizations that focus on financial services or insurance, personal accountability would be ingrained. Commission-based “eat what you kill” environments make personal accountability a given. Think again. More than ever, sustaining a thriving organization in the financial services and insurance industries requires everyone to personally own and be accountable for the results. Top producers must rely heavily on others to meet customer needs in today’s complex product offering, instant information world. Internal corporate relationships have to fire on all cylinders all the time to produce flawless customer service and realize the investment in corporate brand. The best and brightest really do have to be attracted and retained but more importantly developed.

Personal accountability at the top is too often mandated not demonstrated.

Sales organizations have an opportunity to utilize a power hiding in plain sight and pull far, far away from their competition if their up to the rigor of what is in this book. Leaders, you would do well to heed the call to transform your view of personal accountability and its impact on the results you claim you want. Individual contributors, this will arm you with a powerful lens from which to scope out the best working environment for you to sell more, earn more and achieve more. For the consumer, you are being handed the inside scoop on how to select the best provider for the financial and insurance services you need that align with your willingness to be totally personally accountable for your health, heart and pocketbook.  Read Where Winners Live and enjoy your journey as you sell more, earn more and achieve more through personal accountability.

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