Send Your Coaches to Camp!

It’s not always apparent when one of your coaches is out of shape.  Glamour muscles might be hiding a bad habit, or a marshmallowy exterior might conceal a rock.  Sometimes you just need to take a closer look.

Everyone benefits from the coaching process.  Employees improve their skills, learn new things, and feel better about their place in an organization.  Coaches improve their relationships with teammates and benefit from improved employee performance.  And organizations flourish with highly skilled employees that are working together towards a common goal.

Make sure your team has all of these advantages by keeping your coaches at the top of their game.

Get Fit for Coaching

Coaches need to remember that competition on an organizational level starts with individuals – and that they have the opportunity to improve and align employee performance on an individual and team scale.

While coaching is sometimes necessary for targeted issues in the short term, it’s also an ongoing process in the relationship between coach and employee. Training doesn’t stop after the game – it picks up in anticipation of the next.  To stay competitive, everyone needs to keep the question “how can I be better?” on their mind all the time.

That’s not to say that coaching should focus on deficiencies and problems.  Of course, they need to be addressed in a timely manner but they shouldn’t dominate the relationship between coach and employee.  Coaching is about creating positive changes in an employee’s performance and work life.

The Get Fit for Coaching Assessment and Skill Practice Game introduce a cyclical model for the coaching process:

 Get Fit for Coaching

By assessing their current abilities and practicing the appropriate skills in a non-threatening experiential learning activity, coaches will not only know what they need to improve, but how – and how to measure the results of their development.

“Needs Improvement” is not a negative!  It means progress is being made, and that the benefits of that progress are proliferating.  So give your coaches a “needs improvement” and send them back to camp.

Get Fit for Coaching Trainers' Bundle

Bundle and save by pairing the Get Fit for Coaching Assessment and Skill Practice Game!

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