I Am Going To Train You To Be Accountable – NOT!

Linda GalindoBy Linda Galindo, author of The Accountability Experience, first posted on her blog 12/14/12

Imagine yourself sitting with your leadership group as an Executive Retreat on the topic of Accountaility is about to start. In your mind it’s going to be some type of training. Are you bored, excited, nervous, ready to engage?

The speaker is introduced and begins with a question: “How many of you would experience a much better work life if the people that worked for you had a higher level of personal accountability?” Every hand in the meeting room goes up.

Why? Why would everyone around you demonstrating a higher level of personal accountability make your work life better? What benefits could possibly ensue if tomorrow you walk into your organization filled with employees who have upped their level of personal accountability?

If you cannot specifically answer this question as the CEO, COO, CAO, CIO, or C-whatever, don’t bother with accountability training in your organization.  WHY?! Everyone usually “senses” the better results in work culture that would emerge but only a rare and exceptional leader will brave the mirror being turned on her or him to ensure personal accountability starts at the top.  The shock and horror of learning that “I am remarkably unaccountable for a person of my status, when all this time I thought I was very accountable” is more than the run of the mill “leader” can take. They prefer spending resources to train everyone else to be accountable completely clueless that without demonstrating personal accountability themselves, they are on a fools errand.

There is no doubt in my mind (and experience) that accountability education is the foundation for long and sustainable success if leaders are willing to face the downsides that come with upping personal accountability. Yes, downsides.

Just as you can imagine all the great stuff that comes with people being more personally accountable, you must understand how dramatically your life will change as a leader when personal accountability really takes hold en masse among employees.

It’s similar to the out of control feeling as the roller coaster car crests then…DROPS. That fantastic, giddy, fun, scary RUSH!!  You know you will be fine (with that tiny doubt the whole thing could go off the rails).  Some won’t even get on the ride, positive they will never master their fear, or the urge to barf.

For those of us engaged in connecting personal accountability with desired results through educating and facilitating, not training, success is guaranteed. It’s a giddy, scary, wild ride. Accountability “training” is safe. If it’s the outcomes leadership can name that an organization is after, start with where you are using the Accountability Assessment and then educate and facilitate.  Be the personal accountability train to avoid getting run over by accountability training.

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