You’re Already a Leader!

You can be a leader.  It doesn’t matter what your job is, what your title is, how old or young you are, or what your field and specialties are.

But you may not feel that way.  You may feel that your rank or place within a hierarchy prevents you from stepping into a leadership role.


You’re wrong.  No one needs to tell you to be a leader.  Leadership is a set of skills, not an inherent state.  When you develop leadership skills and display leadership behaviors, you are a leader.  No question.

The Leadership Practices Inventory is a 360-degree assessment that not only shows how you and your peers view your current leadership skill level, but provides a model for developing your leadership further.

Authors Kouzes and Posner break down the behaviors into five categories:

  • Model the Way – determine and clarify values, adhere to them, and communicate them to others in a demonstrative, rather than prescriptive way.
  • Inspire a Shared Vision – communicate an image of the future, encourage others to see the possibility of that future, and highlight the communal benefits of positive change.
  • Challenge the Process – be willing to take risks and experiment, to learn from failure, but commit to possibility.
  • Enable Others to Act – create teams, build trust, and learn to rely on the abilities of others.
  • Encourage the Heart – give positive feedback, celebrate values and victories, and encourage happiness and enthusiasm.

The assessment shows if you think of yourself as a leader and how and why.  Does your view of yourself match with the views of your peers?  Are you identifying the correct behaviors as leadership abilities?  What actions can you take to display leadership behaviors more often?

The more leaders your organization has, the better chance it has of reaching its goals, and moving forward as a strong and well-aligned team.  And the Leadership Practices Inventory can help develop those leaders.

New to the 4th edition of the LPI are:

  • Leadership Practices InventoryA fresh, modern look to the materials (including the Feedback Report)
  • A group comparison report page
  • A shorter workbook – specifically designed for debriefing and understanding the Feedback Report
  • The latest data on the LPI’s model
  • An updated Facilitator’s Guide that focuses on LPI administration, debrief, and how a facilitator can develop one’s leaders from there.

Click here to get started with the Leadership Practices Inventory, 4th edition today!

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