The Man in the Mirror

In both personal and professional contexts, we exist in relation to our environment and the people we interact with.  Because our environment is constantly changing, the only way we can remain reliable, relevant, and competitive is to change with it.

Mastering the Change Curve

Sometimes changes can be unexpected or uncomfortable.  It’s not uncommon to reject the idea of change and cling to established routines and ways of thinking.

But no amount of resistance will stop change from happening.  Even if we, as individuals, do not change our behaviors, we are still changing our relationship to our environment.  By acknowledging our own attitude towards a change and realizing that change does not happen to us – that we move through it – we can more easily develop a plan for appropriate and beneficial actions.

Mastering the Change CurveMastering the Change Curve is a guide for anyone experiencing change.  Presented with a four-stage path through change, participants discover where they are in the change process.  The Mastering the Change Curve self-assessment is a way to step outside one’s current situation and take perspective on what will be most beneficial to the individual and the organization as they work through a change.

Help your organization and its people through their next change by moving through it towards a common goal.

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