One Simple Step to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Why should you care about your employees’ personalities? If they are fulfilling their job as outlined, and are generally following the organizational culture, you are doing pretty well, right? Although many leaders might agree with that statement, it sets the bar much lower than it needs to. There is likely untapped productivity within the personality of your employees – even the hopelessly under-performing or endlessly average ones.

According to Scott Keller, performance improvement expert and co-author of Beyond Performance (2011, Wiley), “…we’ve found that leaders can create and sustain stronger business results if they understand — and manage — how employees approach their work every day. When employees’ thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are aligned with their daily work, they do that work better.”

All communication is filtered through our Personality Style, which also holds the key to our motivations and typical behaviors. Human nature can be very complex, causing even the most stalwart leaders to cringe and avoid facing issues head on; the good news is that we are also quite predictable, and for the most part, we each follow patterns in our behavior.

Successful leaders are those who become keenly aware of their own personality type, and use that knowledge as a springboard for getting in touch with their peers and employees. This deeper understanding of self and others works as an asset in team and organizational management.

How is Greg motivated? What are Sandra’s career goals? How does Chris best handle stress? Once you can pinpoint personality style and dominant behavioral patterns, you can improve the productivity and effectiveness of every person who interacts with you in the workplace.

Click here to learn more about personality styles.

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