The Importance of Influence

Interpersonal Influence is a key factor in contemporary business.  In a growing market, everyone is in the business of selling ideas.  And when a sale is defined by buy-in and commitment, it’s the communication of goals and vision that does the selling.  Offering solutions in an appropriate and influential way is, in most cases, the result of observation.  Taking into account the situations of others, and how you fit into them allows you to communicate on common ground.

But, it is reductive to say that communication – what we say and how we act – is a result of our current situation.  Communication shapes situations.  That’s what we mean by Interpersonal Influence – behaving in a thoughtful and intentional way; not just reacting, but contributing to the situations in which we find ourselves.

More and more, as businesses globalize and coordination becomes a larger part of every job, employees at every level of an organization need to be able to communicate to influence both situations and people.  While this can be done in any number of ways, certain behaviors are more effective than others – behaviors that enable us to exercise our own rights without denying the rights of others.  We call them Assertive Behaviors.

It’s not always obvious which behaviors are characteristically assertive and which aren’t – and few of us behave the same way all the time.  So, how can we make sure that we’re being assertive and influencing others in a positive, effective way?

Our solution is the Interpersonal Influence Inventory – a 40-item assessment that measures individuals’ current behaviors on two scales: Openness in Communication and Consideration for Others.  Developing an awareness of our behaviors is the first step to influencing others effectively.  By understanding that certain behaviors are appropriate at certain times, we are empowered to choose the most effective behaviors that a situation calls for.

This assessment provides insight to individuals’ influence style, and highlights the benefits and possibilities of a more assertive style.  By showing participants these possibilities, the Interpersonal Influence Inventory opens up a new way of thinking about communication and the meaning of behaviors.  The assessment will give participants the opportunity to make impactful changes that will not only benefit the individual, but everyone with whom he interacts.

You can reach every member of your organization with the Interpersonal Influence Inventory – developing communication skills, bolstering confidence, and improving performance.  Get started today – click here to…

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