The Ultimate Low-Cost, High-Return Training

In difficult economic times, it becomes very important to prove return on soft-skills development and training.  So how do you keep your training expenses low, and your return high?

Be Precise.

Design your training around the needs of your organization.  Do you have a limited time to deliver a wide breadth of information?  Has a problem arisen that requires soft skills in seemingly disparate areas?  Is your organization undergoing structural or cultural change?  Be able to handle tough situations head on.  With modular training programs, you can design a unified training session that directly targets the needs of your group.

Be Affordable.

By choosing cost-effective training solutions (both affordable in price, and requiring minimal staff time), you’ll not only be saving your department’s budget, you’ll be allowing yourself time to get into the fine points of your training and make it the best it can be.  By investing directly in content, you can package your messages as simply or elaborately as the situation calls for, and save a great deal of time that could be spent in the classroom, reinforcing messages, planning, and improving practices and processes.

Be Flexible.

The highest return on training can be achieved through reinforcement.  Is your training flexible enough to function as an introduction, a full course, and a refresher – with minimal effort to reshape it?  By offering options for content delivery, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience, and keep them learning over a longer period of time.

Be Interesting.

Return on training means information sinking in with your participants.  If you’re able to deliver one-of-a-kind training – unique content that’s been well-researched and uses methods proven to facilitate adult learning – you’ll leave your attendees with a rich learning experience that will translate to better performance and a continued interest in learning.

Here’s How:

Reproducible Training LibraryWe’ve designed the Reproducible Training Library (RTL) to provide all of those benefits and more.  The RTL’s Ultimate Collection is a library of 75 programs, developed by expert trainers, and covering a comprehensive range of soft-skills topics.  With titles in 18 soft-skills training subject areas, the RTL will never leave you searching for the content your team members need.

While each program is complete and can be used “right out of the box,” they are also completely customizable.  The content you receive can be taken apart and reassembled, re-designed graphically, joined with other content, and reproduced as often as needed.  Unlimited-use programs with no licensing fees means a one-time, low-cost purchase of proven effective content that works for you – however and whenever you need it.

Get started with reproducible training at:

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