Who’s Ready to Supervise?

Employees are placed in supervisory roles for a variety of reasons.  They may be the most experienced or technically proficient in their group’s work; they may be a tenured employee with a wealth of knowledge on organizational goals and policies; or they might have great administrative and people skills that show their ability to interact with other employees and groups successfully.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding their new supervisory standing, the undertaking of this new role should come with a stock-taking of a new skill set.  Supervisory skills are not only instrumental to the success of any team – they are learnable behaviors that can improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Supervisors serve as translators – they turn organizational goals into action plans, tasks into systems, employees into team members, work into progress, and interactions into relationships.  As a vital (and sometimes the only) link between management and employee, supervisors need to successfully interact up and down the organizational hierarchy without ignoring the needs of either side, and must always work towards progress for the organization.  They can do this by taking accountability for the performance of their team (and managing their own performance) by developing measures and recognizing their place and function within the organization.  This, on top of technical responsibilities and skills, is a lot to think about – and a whole new perspective within an organization.  So where do new supervisors begin?

The Supervisory Skills Questionnaire is an assessment of supervisors’ abilities.  The Questionnaire helps supervisors see why certain actions are successful (and others are not) and exactly which skills they need to improve in order to be effective.  New and current supervisors are asked to respond to a series of real-life situations with the behavior they would choose as their solution.  Available as a self-assessment with observer feedback options, the Questionnaire allows for peer, employee, and manager feedback in addition to personal reflection.

The results of the questionnaire come along with a thorough explanation of the skill set needed by every supervisor, as well as action planning prompts and suggestions.  Get your supervisors off to a great start with the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire!

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