Clarify Values to Unlock Employee Engagement

Does your organization regularly clarify and remind employees and clients of its core values? Do you even know what they are? According to author and leader, Dr. Cynthia Scott, “Values are the driving force behind personal action, and a beacon of focus during turbulent times. Successful organizations recognize the business case for value clarity, and they know that connecting personal values to organizational strategy is the vital link to employee engagement, innovation, commitment, performance, decision making—and a competitive advantage.”

A solid values statement can be a catalyst for positive behaviors; it offers ‘default’ focus points in the face of challenge, conflict, and organizational change. A solid set of values offers a core navigation point when many forces are in flux.

And how about your own values? Are they aligned with your organization? Take the time to consciously outline your personal value statement and then you can decide how it compares with that of your organization. Are there discrepancies, or is it basically in alignment with the place that you spend most of your time? The more alignment you can find, the more effective you can become.

Years of economic shifts have left many organizations lost in the stress of daily challenges.  When it comes to workplace cultural and behavioral principles, many organizations are overwhelmed by competing messages, requirements, and structures. Because it’s difficult to find space within day-to-day business operations to reinforce value-based behavior, or correct behavior that is not aligned with organizational values, many organizations decide that as long as the behavior doesn’t create an immediate legal risk, it’s not an immediate problem.

But, employee behavior is an indicator of employee engagement.  Employees invested in the values of their organization will perform better, and be more satisfied with their jobs.

Learn how to clarify your personal and organizational values, and how you can use them to navigate conflict, encourage and inspire positive behavior, and get better results.  Attend this free webinar presented by Dr. Cynthia Scott!

Discovering Values: The Key to Unlocking Employee Engagement

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Wednesday, July 18th

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