Back to Basics: Project Management

Project management is changing.  The use of agility systems has tripled since 2008, and managers need to accommodate changing technologies and methodologies as they surface and proliferate.

Now is the time to strengthen basic project management skills – fundamentals that enable anyone, in any business environment to contribute to the success of their team.  Lou Russell has over 30 years of experience helping businesses reach their full potential, and managing projects of her own.  From her expertise, we can learn to manage projects (and project teams) in changing environments, matrix teams, and agility-based cultures.

Stressing a fast pace and flexibility, Lou developed Rocket: The Project Management Game – a competitive team simulation of project management.  In it, she sets out a simple, four-step model for managing resources; and challenges teams to build a rocket to spec, on time, and on budget.  The experience of putting project management skills to use will not only help individuals learn the fundamentals they need to handle any project that comes their way, but bring teams together as they work to solve problems and remain organized and productive.  Rocket has been an HRDQ favorite since 2009.  Trainers respond to its experiential nature, saying, “It takes a little more effort to do experiential training vs. a lecture, but a month later I know I’m going to get an e-mail saying, ‘A-ha! I get it!’”

In her newest title, Managing Projects: A Practical Guide for Learning Professionals, Russell presents a companion to your project.  Intended to be read in tandem with the steps of project planning and execution, Managing Projects is a schematic for success – laying out not just what needs to be done, but how and why.  Acknowledging that “how” is not always ideal in the real world, Russell provides for stress, change, and deconstruction as part of any project – a key idea for those working with agile methods.  Through clear expository language, visual diagrams, and narrative metaphors, Russell accounts for varied learning styles and gets her messages across to any reader.

Agile project management is here to stay.  Revolutionize your team by first getting back to basics, and keeping your projects on track.  With Rocket and Managing Projects, you’ll have everything you need to reinforce project management skills at every level.  Get started today at the HRDQ Store!

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