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Learning about Personality Style isn’t all about getting along.  People with different Personality Styles approach and respond to conflict in different ways.  In order to address and work through conflict to positive resolutions, we have to communicate effectively.  A thorough understanding – not only of those with whom we are in conflict – but of ourselves, can take us a long way in improving our everyday interactions.  If we can’t understand why we react the way we do in conflict, how can we conduct ourselves effectively?

In Kate Ward’s Personality Style at Work, she writes:

Communication becomes much more challenging in difficult situations such as addressing a sensitive personal issue or owning up to a mistake.  We don’t want the other person to feel bad or get emotional, we don’t want to feel bad ourselves or get into trouble, or we may be afraid we’ll make the problem worse.

The first rule for communicating in difficult situations is to do it face to face whenever possible.  You need to be able to use all your communication tools – words, voice, and body language – to help make sure that your message is understood the way you intended.  Keep your expectations realistic – the conversation is unlikely to be easy, smooth, and stress free.  However, you can minimize the negative effects by anticipating and preparing for the receiver’s response (this will vary by style, and we’ll look at strategies for handling each style).

Once we understand our own Personality Style, we can see how it relates and compares to the styles of others.  This level of self-awareness will allow us to recognize and alter our behavior to suit the situation at hand.  By displaying conscious decision making in the behaviors we choose to exhibit, we can steer any interaction – even a conflict – towards a positive outcome.

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