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Each of us has our own learning style.  The challenge of any trainer is to provide effective training across all styles – and we believe the solution is Experiential Learning.

Our training solutions don’t just tell how something should be done. They show you. With HRDQ’s materials, your audience is asked to reflect, experience, practice, modify, and integrate. Learners are given the opportunity to engage in exercises that enable them to discover the value of a skill—and then practice doing it. Once they’ve done it, they know they can do it even better the next time. And that’s what leads to improved performance and results for your organization.

We also believe that learning is never complete.  In order to remain a healthy (employee, leader, teammate) person, we must always be learning – about ourselves and others, about what we do and how we do it.

While Experiential Learning lends itself very well to in-depth training sessions with ample time for discussion and reflection, it is also a fantastically appropriate vehicle for refreshing your team with interim support.

With HRDQ’s range of training activity collections, you can make sure your team is always learning, always engaged, and always working toward common goals.

Pump them Up is a collection of 35 two-hour workshops on various aspects of teambuilding.  The collection includes a team assessment to determine needs and areas for improvement, and activities for enhancing your team’s goals and procedures, leadership, communication, trust and conflict resolution, problem solving and decision making, group dynamics, and growth and development.

The Exploring Personal Styles Activity Collection, the perfect follow-up to any personality-style training, helps participants learn to accept and appreciate their differences. With over 30 activities ranging from light and easy-going to more in-depth, this Jungian-inspired collection generates compelling group discussions and insight into the unique qualities of each personality dimension.

Pen and Paper Games for Training, a collection of 40 activities that exercise both the logical left and creative right sides of the brain, is appropriate for both group learning and one-to-one coaching. The collection has many different applications including communication, presentation, listening, and problem-solving skill development. The exercises range from quick, adrenaline-raising energizers to complex activities.

25 Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Activities takes your team through the process of solving problems – from recognizing the issue at hand to developing a plan to acting on that plan to reviewing the results.  This collection provides activities that strengthen and reinforce the skills needed at each step of problem solving – ensuring preparedness no matter where you are in the process.

Keep your training active and memorable with Experiential Learning from HRDQ!

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