Pointing a Finger at Blame

A company culture of accountability is very different from a company culture of assigning blame.  But, it’s easy to see how the two can become confounded with one another.

In The 85% Solution, Linda Galindo writes,

“Be responsible for the success or failure of the endeavor, for your choices, behaviors, and actions –before you know how it all turns out. Own all of it, even if you’re working for or with somebody else.”

She’s talking about accountability – accepting, through action and reaction, one’s part in the success or failure of one’s team.  Not compartmentalizing a task or project and assigning “property” (positive or negative) to individuals, but engaging as part of the team – expecting each member to be accountable and responsible, equally, for any measure they can take to achieve a team goal.

A special difficulty comes with avoiding blaming behaviors in performance evaluations.  When discussing team and individual performance, it’s important to keep the conversation on a productive track.  Focusing on problem solving and how to achieve better results will help not just you and the individual you are reviewing – but the whole team – move forward together as a strong set of accountable individuals with a real interest in the future of your organization and their contribution to it.

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