The Best Equipment for Your Team

The necessity for teams in business is undeniable – and the results they produce can be remarkable.  But without guidance, teams – and their performance – can falter or fail.

What does your team need to keep on track?

Somewhere to Go.

Consistent, periodic training sessions are essential to the maintenance and growth of teams – not only for the information and skill-building they provide, but as a forum for gathering experience in functioning and learning as a team.  As each individual in the team is offered a path for growth, the team as a whole will grow better results and stronger cohesion.

The Right Amount of Leadership.

Teams need leadership to rally and move forward.  They need leaders to empower them, guide them, and keep them working towards common goals.  But, at a point, every leader needs to remember that they, too, are members of the team, and step back to allow the strengths of each member to benefit the whole.

A Stake in the Game.

Members of a team must understand that individual results and compensation are not necessarily measures of team success.  It is not just an individual member’s performance that will impact the overall dynamic of the team, but how their performance relates and contributes to team goals.  An individual win never trumps a loss for the team, but a loss for the team definitely calls for reflection by every individual member.

Beyond leadership, accountability, and a path for growth, teams also benefit greatly from open communication.  Each member of a team will have his or her own way of relating to other individuals and to the group at large.  This is an effect of Personality Style.  By clearly understanding our own style, we can be more aware, and more selective of the behaviors we exhibit as a team member.

The What’s My Team Member Style? assessment measures a preference for one or more four basic behavioral styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate and Systematic. The 18-item assessment also evaluates how individuals typically behave on a team. With increased awareness, they are better equipped to appreciate team member contributions, learn how to become more flexible, and build relationships.

Team success can be among the most rewarding accomplishments of your organization.  Let HRDQ help you develop your team – we’ll continue to develop ours!

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