Webinar – The Matrix Manager: How to Lead in a Collaborative Environment

HRDQ will be hosting a webinar, presented by Jim Eicher, on Wednesday, January 18, 2011, from 2pm – 3pm EST.


Multi-functional teams, virtual work environments, and dotted-line reporting relationships. Modern organizations are shaped more like complex spider webs than the triangular flowcharts we learned about in Management 101. And this new structure is stretching the competencies and capabilities of even the best managers.

To achieve success in today’s world, managers need a new skill set—one that enables them to shift their focus from a traditional “command and control” approach to a more fluid and flexible “influence and collaboration” strategy.

Jim Eicher, author of The Matrix Manager

Join us for an informative webinar that will introduce you to the world of matrix management. Organization development expert and author Jim Eicher will discuss the need for expanded competencies and offer you strategies for developing managers who can be effective in today’s interconnected and collaborative world.

What You Will Learn

  • The new skill set that’s required of today’s managers
  • How to balance the competencies of both traditional and matrix management
  • The important balance between collaboration and individual independence
  • How managers can foster global talent and build relationships across boundaries and borders
  • Different ways managers can influence and persuade others to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Tips for facilitating cross functional problem solving and conflict resolution

Based on The Matrix Manager.

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