From Compliance to Commitment: The 3 Keys to Effective Performance Coaching

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There are three reasons why managers fail at effective performance discussions.

  • They can’t get an employee to agree that a performance issue even exists.
  • Managers don’t identify all of the possible solutions.
  • They don’t involve the employee in exploring alternatives and finding appropriate solutions.

Coaching is not “chewing out,” taking to task, or threatening employees in an attempt to improve their performance. These methods are often successful at correcting the performance in question, but the success may lead to a situation that is worse than the original problem. These actions often lead to passive/aggressive employees. They walk the line and do no more or less than what is asked. In this webinar, you’ll learn ways to make sure that you get a fully committed employee, who will remain successful in your organization.

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Ken Phillips will lead this webinar. Ken has more than 30 years of experience in the field of workplace learning and performance, is an expert in the performance management, learning evaluation, and sales performance arenas. He is a frequent university presenter and speaker at ASTD and SHRM conferences. He has authored many learning instruments, including the bestselling “Coaching Skills Inventory”.

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