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The HRDQ Digital Catalog makes it easier for you to find the training resources you need. Click here to start flipping through the digital edition. You’ll be able to click on the products you’re interested in, and go directly to the website.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside:

Watch personality style take shape

On the cover of this month’s issue is the new Personality Style Toolkit: 20 Activities for Understanding, Developing, and Flexing Style. An excellent follow-up to HRDQ Style Series assessments such as What’s My Communication Style and What’s My Style, the toolkit gives people firsthand experience in what works—and doesn’t work—when different personality styles interact. It’s the perfect way to explore how personality impacts common workplace situations such as communication, leadership, teamwork, coaching, sales, and more.

What makes you tick?

Or better yet, what makes other people tick? What’s My Style is the bestselling assessment that quickly identifies a preference for one of four personality styles, and then helps people to better understand their behavior, the actions of others, and improve personal relationships.

Training that’s out of this world.

One multi-use kit, two different applications! Available in team and leader versions (or one deluxe edition!), the Mars Surface Rover is an award-winning training game that’s great for introducing the basics of teamwork and illustrating the concept of facilitative leadership.

Why some leaders make it to the top. And why others fail.

Don’t stand by and watch leaders fail. Give them the Leadership Unlimited Profile, the assessment that spotlights early warning signs and helps leaders to develop the behaviors they need to ensure their success.

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