New from the Reproducible Training Library – Mental Models: The Key to Making Reality-Based Decisions

The latest addition to the Reproducible Training Library is here!Mental Models

Each one of us has perceptions of reality about how the world works—or should work, at least. Built from everyday experiences and outside influences, mental models are what guide our thinking, provide understanding, and direct decision-making. But mental models can become stale, and just as technology shifts and advances, so does the need to update and reconstruct our mental models. Mental Models: The Key to Making Reality-Based Decisions helps people to tune into their current mindset by assessing their mental models, clarifying assumptions, and revealing hidden beliefs. As a result, individuals, teams, and even whole organizations are better equipped to seek new opportunities and approach work in a way that improves performance. Downloadable, customizable, and reproducible, Mental Models is available as a half-day classroom training workshop, one-hour e-learning program, and handy self-study e-book.

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