Using courage to transform the workplace — and yourself

By Penny Purcell, HRDQ Marketing Manager

Did you have a chance to attend HRDQ’s free webinar Courageous Leadership: Using Courage to Transform the Workplace this week? The author and presenter, Bill Treasurer presented some excellent information on understanding the impact fear has on personal and organizational performance, and how to use “buckets of courage” to overcome that fear. There was one thing in particular he said that has stuck with me since I heard it:

“Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the presence of courage.”

I hadn’t thought about courage this way before.  This webinar helped demystify courage for me. I’ve often thought of courage as something needed for huge decisions and life and death matters—like a firefighter going into a burning building.  Really though, courage is as simple as making a conscious choice and taking a step, even a small one.

In the webinar, Mr. Treasurer talked about three “buckets of courage” – Try, Trust, and Tell. Try courage is associated with stepping up, like being the first to take on a new idea and put it into action. Trust courage is using courage to follow others’ lead, or essentially courage through inactionTell courage is asserting your voice, or speaking out.

I’m sometimes guilty of using a work-around instead of speaking up and addressing the problem head-on. I never thought about it in terms of not being courageous, or operating out of fear.  I know that after watching this webinar, I’ll be thinking about using some Tell courage the next time I try to tell myself a work-around is a good idea. Are you using courage in order to move yourself, your team, and your organization forward?

You can see Bill Treasurer’s webinar here, or check out his latest training program Courageous Leadership: A Program for Using Courage to Transform the Workplace.

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