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Linkage's Organizational Development Summit

The Linkage Organizational Development Summit
–Martin Delahoussaye 

HRDQ CEO Brad Glaser and I traveled to chilly Chicago a little over a week ago to attend the 13th annual Linkage Organizational Development Summit. It was an action-packed three days, with four keynote speakers, several lifetime achievement awards, and more than 30 concurrent sessions. 

The theme of this year’s conference was “Better People, Better Teams, and Better Organizations.” Keynote presenters David Ulrich, Michele Norris, Walter Bond, and Cathy Greenberg drove home this message with discussions about creating sustainable, successful organizations for the future.  

Edgar Schein, the author of Career Anchors, received a lifetime achievement award from Linkage, along with Chris Argyris and Warren Bennis. Dr. Schein opened his acceptance speech by reinforcing his belief that learning must be experiential to be of any real value. HRDQ subscribes to this philosophy, so it pleased me to hear Dr. Schein recognize its value and importance. 

Of particular interest to me was Geoff Bellman’s Creating Extraordinary Teams—and based on attendance, his session was of interest to many others too. It attracted more than a third of the conference attendees! 

Geoff engaged the audience with the eight performance indicators of extraordinary teams and his Group Needs Model. Observing the activity and discussion around the room, I was struck by how easily people gravitated to the concept of extraordinary teams. The model works because it’s practical, positive, and intuitive. It supports what people already know about themselves, what they believe, and what inspires them. To put it simply, people get it. 

Geoff also offered a sneak peek into the soon-to-be-released Extraordinary Teams Inventory, the assessment he’s co-authoring with Kathleen Ryan and Kevin Coray. HRDQ will publish it in late 2011. A few lucky attendees even had the opportunity to try the beta version of the Inventory prior to the conference, and were treated to personal feedback from Geoff after his session. 

In case you missed it, click here to see Geoff Bellman’s presentation. Let us know what you think—is  your organization prepared to create extraordinary teams?

One Comment on “Chilly City, Hot Topics

  1. Martin,
    The concepts in this presentation make sense. When I compare the top two teams I ever worked on the the worse two teams, I see clearly how the 8 indicators were functioning. Plus Geoff’s explanations of the indicators seem very valid.

    I would just question whether the 8th indicator “great results” is one of the indicator or simply an output of the workings of the first seven indicators.
    Thanks for your work on this!

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