Starting in 2011, I will [fill in the blank]

New Year’s resolutions. We all have ’em, trainers included. If your company is like HRDQ, I bet you’re thinking about what you as a trainer can do differently in 2011 to improve employee, manager, and organizational performance. Here are some great places to start:

Employee engagement.

Research shows that engaged employees are more satisfied, more productive, and less likely to leave. Gallup reports that engaged organizations have 3.9 times the growth rate of those with lower engagement within the same industry. So the question is: how do you truly engage employees? The answer is quite simple: start with the connection between employee and manager. The stronger it is, the higher the level of engagement. Try ENGAGE: Connect at a Higher Level. It’s a great tool for sparking the dialogue that leads to healthy relationships.

Project management skills.

These days, project management isn’t about fancy charts and complicated systems. It’s about building the fundamental planning skills that have become a requirement of daily work for so many people. That’s why we introduced Rocket: The Project Management Game by Lou Russell. If you’re familiar with Lou, you know her ability to break down what could be a very complex and dry topic and make it seem logical and easy to apply to everyday projects. Her new game is a great example, with participants using project management skills to build a replica rocket.

Investing in tomorrow’s leaders—today.

You’ve heard the buzz about leadership legacy. In fact, a full article on the topic recently appeared in the digital edition of Training. Everything managers and leaders do—every action and attitude—creates their legacy, whether they are aware of it or not. As a trainer, the best thing you can do is to give the leadership in your organization the tools to create a real-time legacy—right now, today. The Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory is a new comprehensive learning system from HRDQ that delivers a framework of practices, behaviors, attitudes, and values that address every aspect of successful leadership.

These are just a few of the new offerings from HRDQ. Check out our latest catalog—it arrives on desks this week. Or download the digital edition here: HRDQ Buyer’s Guide January 2011.

So tell us, what are your training goals for 2011?  We’d love to hear from you!

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