This blog has gone green.

A green blog?  You might be thinking to yourself: Wait, aren’t all blogs green? Well, unfortunately, they’re not. Websites and blogs require the use of servers, networks, computers, and electricity. And that creates a carbon footprint. Did you know that just one small, personal blog creates nearly a ton of CO2 each year?

HRDQ is sensitive to the effect our organization has on the environment. In fact, we’ve made it a strategic initiative to search for more eco-friendly ways of operating our business, from new product packaging to conserving natural resources— and now, a green blog.

We did it with the help of Their CarbonFree® program helps us to offset our footprint and begin the transition to an energy-clean future.

What actions have you taken (or do you plan to take) to be a more sustainable business?  We’d love to hear from you. Together, let’s do our part to minimize our impact on the Earth.

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