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We like to use web polls as a quick and interactive way for us to get a pulse on what’s happening in the training “real world” – as seen through the eyes of our clients. Recently, we posted a survey about average class size. We wanted to get a snapshot of how many people trainers typically have in their audience.

Why should we care?  Well, this information is important to the design of our experiential games and activities. It also tells us how much time we should allow for post-activity discussion and reflection, and it enables us to package our materials in a way that’s most convenient for our clients.

So what did we learn? Here are the results:

Average Class Size Number of Responses Response Ratio
Fewer than 6 7 5%
6-12 43 29%
12-18 49 33%
18-24 36 24%
24+ 12 8%
Totals 147 100%

We use web polls in other ways, too. For instance:

CD PackageOver the course of any given year, we produce and ship thousands of plastic CDs containing the Facilitator Support Materials for our training products — content such as PowerPoint presentations, reproducible handouts, articles, etc. Considering the impact on the environment and the related push for organizations to go “green,” we decided a web poll would be a great way to ask our clients about a waste reducing switch to offering our support materials via web download instead of disposable CD-ROM.

The survey is still active, but so far, 61% think it is a good idea, 18% would hate to see a change, and 21% don’t care either way. We’ll keep you posted on the final results.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Have you used web polls as a way to gather participant feedback? And what do you have to say about going green? As a trainer, how has this movement changed the way you prepare or deliver training? We welcome your ideas and experiences.

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