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Change is the only constant. You’ve heard it before, but the saying is true now more than ever. So how can you ensure your organization will weather these turbulent times? Strengthen your core. By this I mean your organization’s values, culture, and identity. Values are what drive action, and they’re the one facet of your organization that won’t waver when times get tough. Take IBM, for example. A global leader founded in 1911, IBM has transformed business, science, and even society. Its leaders attribute the organization’s success to many things, including innovation, globalization, and the deliberate creation of a shared, Read More


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In 450BC, Confucius said, “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Let me do and I understand.” Thousands of years later, this Chinese proverb still rings true. If you want people to truly learn and internalize a new skill, you can’t just tell them how—even in a world filled with high-tech gadgets and information at the fingertips. They must do it. So when our clients started asking us for learning tools to supplement the HRDQ Style Series assessments, we knew what step to take next. Voila! The Personality Style Toolkit: 20 Activities for Understanding, Developing, and Flexing, Read More

Your organization strives to hire the best talent. Perhaps they’ve achieved that goal, filling the ranks with top performers who achieve their annual goals, follow procedures, actively participate in meetings, and make themselves readily accessible. These are commendable qualities for sure. The thing is your best employees aren’t necessarily indispensable. A value to your organization? Most certainly, yes. But indispensable? Probably not. There are distinct differences between top performers and those who are truly indispensable. Just like business owners, indispensable employees take ownership. They’re driven to act and behave differently. They’re well-planned, solution-oriented, and proactive. They know they’re replaceable, and, Read More